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Types of Case Study Research Methods

Case studies are separated into many categories, which is why there are plenty of research methods you can choose to perform. The most common types are based on the purpose of the case study and the subject of the case study. To give you all your options, we will list both.

Types of Case Studies Based on Purpose

Firstly, let's start with case study research determined by the assignment's goals and purposes. Each can apply in any discipline or topic. We can differentiate between the following:

1. Explanatory case study

This type focuses on explaining a phenomenon or a question. The results of such case studies aren't up for any interpretation and cannot be explanatory. That being said, you cannot use this approach in studies with many variables, such as studies with groups of people or a person.

Event case studies fall under this category. For example, if your case study refers to a product that has a faulty feature or a flaw, the results can be explained. You will be researching and explaining the purpose, effect, and actions that could have been taken to prevent it.

2. Exploratory case study

Large-scale projects often require an exploratory approach. This means that the writer explores a topic that might be a precursor to even bigger research. This is the study where you demonstrate what happens and why it happens in detail. Most often, the exploratory approach is used for research in the field of psychology and treatment, etc.

3. Collective case study

Also referred to as a multiple-case study, this type of study requires a combined approach. What does this mean? It means that if you choose to write this type of case study, you need to use information from former studies to make a case for your own.

4. Intrinsic case study

The fourth in this list is a study of a case where one subject is of primary interest. So, it isn't about the process or the effects, but about a single subject in different situations or processes. This approach is usually used in case studies that explore a person, his behaviors, interests, etc.

5. Instrumental case study

An instrumental study provides the reader with insight into a chosen phenomenon. The focus of this approach is to detect how and why something happened.

Types of Case Studies Based on Subject

Based on the subject, you can approach the case study from five different points.

6. Person case study

As the name suggests, the writer needs to focus his writing and investigation on a single individual. The person method often correlates to the intrinsic method.

7. Group case study

As opposed to the person case study where the focus is set on an individual, such case studies require all your methods to be put in a direction toward a group of people.

8. Location case study

This type of study demands a method where you are focused on a location, a place and what happens in that specific place.

9. Organization case study

Now we are looking at a case study that focuses on a company, business or organization. It can discuss and analyze the people who work there as a group, an event that occurs there, or the progress of the organization as a whole.

10. Event case study

Focused on an event of any kind, societal or cultural, the last type of case study requires methods aimed toward analyzing the people included in the event, how the event affected people or the effects the event had.

Naturally, your methods toward different case studies will depend on the focus of those studies. Whether it is the purpose or the subject, it is your choice of the type of study that determines the methods you will use.

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Propose a solution

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