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The wonders of modern technology made it possible that about anyone in the world with a stable internet connection can pursue online studies on anything they find interesting. Before, if you were a student, your choice was limited by the number of available places in every college and its proximity. Read more
The Australian education system is rather good, and it scores very well in education league tables across the developed world. Read more
It is important for students to write a convincing and compelling college admission essay to find a place in their favourite college. Read more
Though Australia's involvement in the Pacific War against the Empire of Japan is usually emphasized during WWII, an important chapter is often overlooked. Australia's involvement on the Western European Front was also substantial and greatly contributed to the Allies' success. Read more
Cultural identity is a difficult topic to investigate in the modern epoch. With the rise of nationalism in the nineteenth century, many countries began to envision themselves within a nationalist discourse as opposed to one that focused on religious differences. Read more
As in most democratic countries, Australia's democracy is maintained by the balance of power in its society with political parties and pressure groups. These different organizations work to support different interests and political agendas. Read more
Midwives are becoming more present and professional in the medical community throughout the world. Once dismissed by the medical establishment, more people than ever are branching over from traditional nursing to become nurse midwives. Read more
In Australia's early years after colonization, Christianity had a stronghold on both the education system as well as on public morality. From religious segregation in schools to the forced re-education of aborigine children, Christianity had a significant monopoly on what the public deemed as proper, right, and true. Read more
Australia has one of the world's strongest economies to date. With a GDP of US $1.57 trillion and a wealth of over $6.4 trillion USD, the Australian economy was one of the few world economies not adversely effected by 2008's financial crisis. Read more
Because young Australians, age 18-35, are less prevalent than their older fellow citizens, they are at a disadvantage. If current trends continue, the numbers of the aging could vastly overtake younger Australians in the foreseeable future. Read more
Arriving to Australia from Africa through Asia around 50,000 years ago, indigenous inhabitants have had a long-term presence in the area. Originally having over 500 languages and 600 regional dialects, indigenous languages in Australia have unfortunately been reduced to less than 200. Read more
The marketing mix of the local environment is going to make a big impact on the marketing mix of the local company. Culture varies wildly in Australia as it is such a big country. Read more
The measurement of cost needs to be precise and as detailed as possible. It needs to account for resources as they are used per purpose, monetary matters and object cost. Australian tax laws require that you account for the full cost of any object, resource or fixed asset. Read more